"I choose to be an actor in my "REAL LIFE" so I can continue to have opportunities to play many roles in my "REEL LIVES"-( reticent juror, nosy neighbor, quirky aunt, overworked social worker, impatient bank customer, lonely homeless woman, dedicated co-worker, and limitless space alien potential.......) where my disability is incidental to the character or storyline.

"A gifted actress Diana gives a fresh authentic portrayal that is uniquely her own."                                                    Charlie Brookins -Former Executive BET Networks                                                                                               "Diana is a complete pleasure to work with on set. She is easy to direct and pulls from a rich emotional life that transfers well to film and gives her performances weight."       Jeff  Houkal- Actor/Producer/Director                                                                      

"She's Funny & Cool"                                                   James Wesley And Jordan Gregory  -Nephews